About Our School

Marykirk Primary is situated in an attractive rural location 5 miles from Laurencekirk.  Within the village there is a hotel and well utilised village hall.

Marykirk Primary provides education for children aged 4-12 and the current school roll is 38.

At Marykirk Primary we value partnership working and appreciate the positive,
supportive relationships that exist between our pupils, staff, parents and wider
community. We promote an open door policy for all our families and would
encourage parents/carers to get in touch in the early stages of a concern, before it
becomes a worry. Equally we appreciate feedback and welcome any ideas for
improvement as well as any positive comments too!

Community links continue to be strong and the school is well supported at
Community Cafes, walks and fundraising events. Local businesses have been
involved in Pupil Enterprise and through health week activities we have developed
links with the local bowling club as well as other local sports clubs.

The school works closely with a range of other support agencies and volunteers in
order to provide the best possible experience for all our young people. Our Active
Schools Coordinator provides a range of additional active and sporting activities for
the children and we currently offer dodgeball with various other cluster opportunities

Mearns Library work closely with pupils and staff with the local librarian
regularly visiting the school to share stories with the children, and support staff with
appropriate resources to meet the needs and interests of all our young learners. Together we hope to promote a positive reading culture in our community!

We are also very fortunate to have enthusiastic parent volunteers who support both in class and through extra-curricular activities.